Chapter 1 -Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop

  1. Big Data and the Need for Hadoop
  2. The Origin and Design of Hadoop
  3. Distributed processing with MapReduce
  4. Apache Hadoop ecosystem
  5. Prominent Distributions 

Chapter 2-Setting up Hadoop Environment

  1. Installing VM
  2. Downloading Hadoop
  3. Installing Hadoop
  4. Starting Hadoop

Chapter 3-Storing Data in Hadoop

  1. HDFS Data Storage
  2. Data Blocks
  3. Slave node
  4. Name Node
  5. Managing Files

Chapter 4-MapReduce

  1. ​MapReduce - Defination, Dataflow, Features
  2. WordCount Example
  3. Difference between MapReduce V 1.0 & V 2.0

Chapter 5- Storing Data in Hbase

  1. ​Introduction to Hbase
  2. Understanding Hbase Architecture
  3. Installing Hbase
  4. Creating Table and Loading data
  5. Hbase vs RDBMS

Chapter 6 -Applying Structure to Hadoop Data with Hive

  1. Introduction to Hive
  2. Hive Architecture
  3. Working with Hive Data types
  4. Creating and Managing tables

Chapter 7 - Integrating Hadoop with RDBMS through Sqoop

  1. Introduction to Sqoop
  2. Architecture of Sqoop
  3. Importing Data into HDFS
  4. Importing Data into Hbase
  5. Exporting Data from HDFS

Chapter 8-Pig

  1. ​Pig Architecture
  2. Pig Data types and syntax
  3. Running Pig Scripts

Chapter 9- Statistical Analysis in Hadoop

  1. Introduction to Statistical Analysis
  2. Machine Learning with Mahout
  3. R on Hadoop

Chapter 10 -Hadoop and Data Warehouse

  1. DW -Introduction
  2. Transition from Data warehouse to Big Data
  3. Comparing Big Data's ELT with DWH's ETL
  4.   Two Hadooop DW Approaches

What are the requirements?

Access to  Laptop with minimum 4GB RAM -  Somewhere where you can install Apache Hadoop in VMware  yourself

What am I going to get from this course?

In this course, you will learn concepts of  Big Data and how Hadoop  can manage it

What is the target audience?

  • Those who have some knowledge in IT and minimal SQL/Java knowledge
  • University or college students
  • Those who want to shift from their career to a technology that is more promising...

Implementing a Big Data with Apache Hadoop.